30th Reunion

Photos from our 30th Class Reunion!

August 13, 2010 at Vicki and Paul Temple's

August 14, 2010 at "The Tasty Weasel"  in Longmont


We had over 60 classmates attend and about 80 people each night. 

Looking at the photos, I think you'll get an idea of how mcuh fun everyone had reconnecting and catching up!

Feel free to add your photos from the event.  If you need help doing this, please contact Terrie.


Chris Harmon
26 Photos  8/16/10
Mallory Ferrell
5 Photos  8/18/10
Lori Schafer
12 Photos  8/18/10
Sonja Stoner Barnett
12 Photos  8/18/10
Judy Chezem Peters
22 Photos  8/18/10
Kim Beauprez Walkowicz
33 Photos  8/20/10
Dan Seaman
43 Photos  8/22/10
Brenda Bechtel Marler
14 Photos  8/29/10
Rich Bradford
9 Photos  1/4/11
Terrie Tonkinson Kirkpatrick
56 Photos  1/4/11